5 Apps to Makes Your Smartphone Be Smarter Full Free

5 Apps to Makes Your Smartphone Be Smarter Full Free
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5 Apps to Makes Your Smartphone Be Smarter Full Free

The app market explodes. There are currently more than 2.2 million apps for iPhone and 2.8 million apps for Android devices. The number of apps to choose from can make it difficult to find valuable (and free) apps, but that is something to us. These selections are among our favorites for free apps that make your smartphone more intelligent.


AirDroid (Android) is one of the most impressive free apps. The functionality is great, the user interface is smooth, and the displays are relatively non-invasive. AirDroid allows you to access everything on your phone from any computer.

You can write directly to your laptop (Windows or Mac) with a full keyboard, receive notifications, access requests, and more. AirDroid minimizes the number of screens administered at once, making it easy to combine in a simple and efficient manner.


Since companies do not exist in a vacuum, the highest value entrepreneurs informed. Flipboard (Android, iOS) is undoubtedly the best application to keep things updated, the most important. This smart application allows you to heal your own areas of interest, then read them separately in the “journal”.

You can see all the items that have been cured for you or reading a particular magazine. I magazines on topics such as technology, the global economy, news, recipes, travel and interior decoration.


This application is reliable and useful. AppLock (Android) makes managing security for individual applications. You can lock apps with a password that conceals pattern scanning, fingerprinting, and even certain data, including photos and videos. There is also a feature that allows you to automatically lock or unlock the phone depending on the location.

This is useful not only for the commercial reasons of security but also to avoid losing information. Many business owners use to maintain the main telephone number for your business and personal life and the separation is much easier, with features that offer AppLock.


CamScanner Android (or iOS CamScanner Lite) has the largest interface, but it is so useful that it should be on this list. CamScanner turns your phone into a scanner. You can scan documents directly and in PDF and then from the application via e-mail.

CamScanner is an enrichment for the independent contractor, who regularly deal with the whims of signing contracts with customers. CamScanner also allows you to protect with a password protect sensitive documents, labeling, and printing or faxing from your application.

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote (Android, iOS) is still one of the best free apps for the phones. The application is a robust organization that allows users to create portable dynamic sharing computers that can contain Word documents, photos, embedded videos, books, and other data from Excel files.

OneNote works with Outlook, which is useful for a fluid and growing selection commercial use of project management tools makes it more than just a place to save things.


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