Hearing Implants Can Be Transmit Sound From An iPhone Mobile

Hearing Implants Can Be Transmit Sound From An iPhone Mobile
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Hearing Implants Can Be Transmit Sound From An iPhone Mobile

Hearing implants will soon be able to play music and receive calls from Apple devices wirelessly.

Apple is partnering with Cochlear Limited to develop medical devices of the first cochlear implant processor that will play user audio files from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

The Cochlear Nucleus 7 device, which was announced on Wednesday, received the FDA approval in June.

In recent years, Apple has worked with other medical device companies like GN ReSound to create iOS compatible headsets. Now there are over 50 headphones that work with iPhones.

For many, there is still a stigma hearing aid surrounds. However, the high-tech versions are designed to reduce some of these stresses, since users can discreetly define the parameters of the device with the phone as if they were checking in email or a sending text.

There are 360 million people worldwide with hearing impairment – and that 32 million children are according to the World Health Organization.

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Hearing aids and cochlear implants are very different. Cochlear implants are used for people with severe and high-grade hearing loss and are used when the headphones are not enough.

Hearing aids, while a cochlear implant stimulates the auditory nerve directly. In an internal component surgically placed under the skin behind the ear. The outer part is similar to a conventional hearing aid.

The new kernel-7 combines cochlear devices with iOS a combination of Bluetooth and a proprietary Apple protocol, the technology giants were created for hearing aids.

Simple commands such as changing the headset volume or checking the battery status without a separate application for iOS. Advanced features, such as for a cochlear implant in case of loss of search is accessible through the cochlear application.

Previously, phones can interfere with hearing aids and acute disorders to the person who caused them. Streaming music was also difficult because users had to use a helmet and headphones at the same time. The only solutions were cumbersome devices from third parties.


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